SUBA UDE provides physical, creative and emotional projects for displaced persons living in welfare camps in Sri Lanka. We focus on psychosocial needs beyond food, shelter and medicine.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

On this Isle of Serendip

In Sinhala, the common language of Sri Lanka, "Suba Udaesanak" means"good morning"- the universal greeting to a new day. As survivors ofthe tsunami begin to wake up to this new day, they are being greeted by a complete lack of purpose and activity.

After the tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka, the coast was left a graveyard, littered with skeletons of houses. The survivors were led to camps inland away from these ruins. As the government and international NGO's work feverishly to re-build, the displaced people sit in their camps and wait. While visiting these camps, we noticed a cloud of malaise hanging over the people.

Project Suba Ud aims to provide physical, creative and emotional outlets for children and adults living in displacement camps in southern Sri Lanka. We focus on psycho social needs beyond food, shelter and clothing by supporting individual and community endeavors. During the next few weeks we will provide playground and sports equipment to each camp and facilitate group arts and sports activities. We will also work with displaced tailors to develop a small international craft production business. Finally, we will invite the local community to engage with those inside the camps through activities such as film nights, guest performances and sports games.

On this Isle of Serendip, we have discovered that of which we were not in quest. We came here to dig some ditches and lay some bricks, but have discovered a greater opportunity to help the survivors heal. Thousands of miles across the oceans, we hope you'll join us on this adventure.


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