SUBA UDE provides physical, creative and emotional projects for displaced persons living in welfare camps in Sri Lanka. We focus on psychosocial needs beyond food, shelter and medicine.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Livelihood Begins

After a fast and furious 4 days of visiting and surveying camps, we identified seamstresses and embroiderers within them. This week, with funding from I.O.M. sewing and embroidery machines will be placed in the I.O.M. camps in Matara. We're in process of fulfilling an order from the hunger site for these bags, which are predominantly only carried by monks here in Sri Lanka. We love these bags, stylish, durable, and for a good cause. We'll post info when they're on sale. Proceeds will fund the similar projects for displaced persons currently living in these camps, supporting a self sufficient livelihood. Your purchase will aid these people take a step back to their lives and help them get back to work. This will facilitate a move closer to a sense of normalcy, and to a new life.


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